Jeremy Phillips



Director / Halo Modelling


Location: Perth, Western Australia
Mobile: 0417 960 680
Instagram: @jeremyphillipsphoto

“Jeremy is a very professional and understanding photographer, that makes his models feel safe and respected during shoots. And an overall very nice person :)”

- Sofala Kiely

“i love working with Jeremy! he is so supportive and gives helpful feedback on posing and expression. always such a relaxed and fun shoot. ”

- chardi van der meer

“Amazing, really kind and easy to work with. He helps with finding really good poses and has amazing skills!”

- Tash Mantle

“I feel very comfortable with Jeremy, I have never felt pressured to shoot things that I didn’t feel comfortable shooting. He’s very talented and the photos always come back in extremely good quality. He’s also very professional but is fun to talk to and makes the shooting experience enjoyable and exciting.”

- Grace McMenemy

“Jeremy is a very nice, supportive person he hypes you up every photoshoot and gives you feedback if needed, he is very welcoming and I always look forward to my photoshoots with him. The halo group always feels like family.🫶🏼”

- Sarah Sutton

“Jeremy is an amazing person and so great to shoot with. He hypes you up and makes you feel amazing about yourself! The quality of photos is also awesome and a massive bonus when adding shoots to your portfolio. For newbies, he is also really helpful in directing poses!”

- Aimee-Rose Keppler

“Jeremy went out of his way to help me feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. He was easy to work with, the vibe was very relaxed and it was great to be able to have a chat with him as well. Any nerves I had before jumping in front of the camera were instantly gone thanks to Jeremy :) ”

- Elyssa Bennett

“jeremy is a lovely guy to work with always making you comfortable in shoots and generally just a great guy with a great sence of humour although i haven’t worked with him much yet he shows me what a good photographer should be like and i am very happy to have found such a great photographer to work with ”

- kasey morrison

“Jeremy is such a talented, amazing person and photographer. I love shooting with him because we always gives you his 100% and creates a welcoming, positive and supportive atmosphere.”

- Ruby Firkins

“my experience with Jeremy has never been anything short of amazing. i’ve always felt comfortable, safe and confident. he’s always super positive and super encouraging, and his work shows it! ”

- marnie mcguire

“Working with Jeremy is always a positive experience, He always guides me throughout the photoshoot, giving tips and advice on how to pose. Jeremy is a very talented photographer who makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable during shoots. ”

- Lea Antonio

“Jeremy is an amazing person overall and he ensures the environment you're working in is comfortable and enjoyable. I've always felt a sense of inclusion and community when working with such great people.”

- Sheridan Spencer

“I love shooting with Jeremy he makes u feel very comfortable and helps with posing if your not to sure 100% recommend him!”

- Angel Hogan

“Shooting with Jeremy has been a dream since day one. His passion for photography can be seen through the photos he takes and the energy he supplies whilst shooting. He’s both professional and caring, his creativity at shoots is insane and simply cannot be replicated. Easily one of the best and most positive experiences shooting in perth. Definitely recommend models new to the industry and old to shoot with Jeremy he’s fantastic. ”

- Chloe Hewitt

“Working with Jeremy is literally the best experience a model could have. The bar is set high!!! Jeremy is super accommodating of how you feel in yourself and what you’re looking to shoot. It’s not just a few snaps, it’s a fun chat, a laugh and over all Jeremy just makes the experience amazing!! When he edits my photos, i can see myself in a new light. It’s still me but in that ethereal sense. Jeremy is so easy to work with and i could not recommend anyone better!! -Liv xx”

- Liv Graciele

“It's like a dream, Jeremy is always conscious to make you comfortable while also so professional with guiding you to make the shoot perfect. ”

- Lili Howard

“Jeremy is the best photographer in Perth, super knowledgeable and helps both photographers and any model no matter how experienced they are. I highly recommend him. ”

- Ellise Watson

“Jeremy is so fun to work with, he makes you feel so comfortable and confident, and the photos always turn out perfect. ”

- Chloe Upfold

“Jeremy always makes everyone feel comfortable when shooting and it’s always the best experience. the photos we get back always look amazing and he always hypes us up”

- Ava Carbery

“AMAZING!!! He makes you feel so comfortable and only does shoots you’re okay with. He makes effort with you and genuinely tries to make it a good time for everyone. He’s a great person and will always be my favourite <3 ”

- Emmy Pernechele

“A very comfortable environment which I look forward weekly to shoot with. Jeremy is a very mellow person and is always open to bringing out our individuality and letting us be ourselves.”

- Teliah Allen

“Honestly, going into modeling I was extremely nervous hearing Jeremy was a male photographer as the rep for them isn’t great. I was thankfully so wrong! Not only is Jeremy a kind guy and awesome photographer, his top priority is keeping everyone happy and comfortable. As well as educating others on signs photographers are not genuine and how to get out of those situations! He is definitely someone you would be lucky to work with! ”

- Charnae Niese

“Jeremy is incredible to work with! Makes you feel so comfortable and so powerful. So undeniably talented <3”

- Imogen Perkins

“Working with Jeremy is an amazing start to your modeling career he is such a loving and caring person that always makes you feel your best and always gives great advice when needed. The quality of photos are next level and couldn’t recommend a photographer more than him”

- Tia Gade

“Working with Jeremy has been a really great, positive and safe experience. He has made me feel comfortable in my own space, very friendly and supportive! Great professional work environment.”

- sanya Singhal